Saturday, April 17, 2010

Feministe post and Alternet article

Last fall's post by Lisa Jervis on Feministe, beautifully sums up the steps that the food movement (still) needs to take.

More recently, Jill Richardson - of La Vida Locavore - captured Linda Bacon's case for health at every size in her article on Alternet. Jill gets right to the point:

All in all, while inspiring individuals to improve their diet and exercise habits in order to promote public health is laudable, the number one issue we should address on a societal level to decrease the rate of chronic diseases like diabetes is poverty. Lower-income people are more prone to obesity as well as the health problems associated with weight gain. Major risk factors for obesity and disease are in place for each of us before we are born: our parents' income level, educational level and ethnicity, to name a few.


The best way to accomplish Michelle Obama and Jamie Oliver's goals is to address social injustice and to reduce poverty in America. Why aren't either of them talking about that?

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